Institute for Fear Prophylaxis, Mental Training and Coaching


Nothing is as badly looked upon and continuously judged as hypnosis. Hypnosis is but a method that can provide possibilities throughout life because of its great applicability. Hypnosis is in no way charlatanism or occult, but a natural biological state that each one of us experiences several times a day without being aware of it. Hypnosis transforms things to the positive and demonstrates the whole capacity of our brain to us.

Fear Prophylaxis

Can fear be tackled without using psychotherapy or medicine? The answer is certainly 'yes!'. Fear is explainable yet different for everybody. It is mould able and variable. Fear is also one of the most important power units of human action and thinking. Fear is powerful and makes us powerful at the same time. It makes sure that we are careful and forward-looking in our actions. Fear can be named the greatest weapon a human being owns. Though often thought of as something negative, fear can be used positively and goal-orientated. I will show you how to do it.

Mental Training

Exercising brings the body as well as the spirit into motion. Through specific mental training borders of mind and body can be budged like being shoved aside by magic. Mental training motivates and animates people. Besides is it evident that everybody who uses mental training in any form can alter things to the better. According to extensive studies, mental training has a sustainable impact on the brain's functionality.

Seminars and Coaching

The workshops of IAM are pure courses with individual content fitted for every attendee. They are meant to better oneself and open new ways of conveying knowledge and using said knowledge for work, academic studies and family life. Their nature is being interesting and thrilling at once while being filled with a great number of hands-on approaches to given topics. Only those who practice the newly learned methods on the spot will achieve the security needed to use them confidently in ‘real life.’ You will be able to apply those methods wisely and accomplish your goals in life.

Statement against Anti-Semitism

Hate and Chevy against Jews or the Jewish folk do not belong into the culture or everyday life of any nation. Those who intend to destroy the Jewish life and culture do always destroy themselves.

Jürgen Hellwig

The Institute

IAM is “I ‘am” and that’s you!

The Institute for anxiety prevention, mental training, and coaching perceive itself as creative teaching and learning manufactory that strikes new paths aside from medicine, psychotherapy or other therapeutically measures. It strives to make you more successful and improved in everyday life.

I doing so school, work life, sports and music clearly take the centre stage. Some might ask themselves how work fits together with sports and music? The answer to that question could astonish some of you. Both sports and music can reach a point from where the degree of performance changes from fun and dedication to extensive work. On the other hand, does our work life frequently lack the sporty and creative part of thinking. Therefore, it can be said, many aspects of those three areas can be combined in many diverse ways.

IAM breaks new ground in one-to-one lessons and wants to concentrate particularly on you as a person to achieve the biggest success possible.

IAM's approach the issues anxiety and resilience is different as well. Anxiety can be explained with the help of independent lines of thought adjusted to each person individually it can be reduced to a reasonable amount. A reasonable amount of anxiety exists as soon as you can cope with it without any medications.
Resilience can be increased almost playfully when you start scheduling your time consciously and are in control of your time management. Anxiety research and control inevitably accompany each other.

At IAM distinct approach and methods of resolution are developed individually for every. A full annual report includes IAM's activities and the most recent accomplishments for everyone interested.

IAM is operating neither therapeutically not otherwise curatively..

The Team

Jürgen Hellwig

Jürgen Hellwig

Born 1963

Business economist
International Project Manager
Mental Trainer
Forensic Hypno Analyst

Langueges: English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, and Hebrew


Border collie lady with a sensitive feeling for people. Jesse is very careful in associating with new humans which is why winning her trust requires much patience and empathy. Strange people are unallowed to pet her at first sight, nor does she accept any treats. While working in IAM seminars, interaction with Jesse will certainly consume all of your attention and concentration.


PRE-stallion who wants to be understood and guided. He won’t submit easily and likes to show off his strength, self-confidence but also his sensitivity. Working with Goloso means for you to concentrate fully on him as your counterpart and be attentive all the time. With him, you will conquer the fear of big animals. Goloso gives you the unique chance to be yourself exactly as you are without being judged. You will gain his trust by bringing up your courage and inner strength. That is also the only way to get to work with the proud Spanish stallion.

Home of IAM...

Is a farmhouse under preservation order which was built in 1580. It has been restored with love and is located in the so-called “oberbayerische Toskana” in Gattergebirge. Tucked into a beautiful landscape surrounded by loving and open-minded people the house lies lonely, nevertheless. It combines modern charm with ancient architecture that invites everyone to relax and be his true self.


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